10 Important Tips to Make Your Move A Lot Easier

January 04 2019
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Are you moving? Feeling stressed already? The thought of moving is stressful for many people in Melbourne and the concept of packing and transporting everything to a new place seems to be overwhelming. However, it doesn’t need to be so stressful. When it comes to moving, planning is a key and there are numerous simple ways that can help make your move a lot easier.

Regardless, whether you’re moving down the road, in the neighbourhood city or interstate, listed here the few moving tips that ensure that the job is done right, saving you time, money and efforts. Let’s take a look!

#1 Book your Movers As Soon As Possible

Try to book movers in Melbourne a few weeks ahead of your moving day. Professional and renowned movers are often booked weeks, or even months in advance. Booking them as early as possible ensures that your stuff will be picked and moved as scheduled, especially, if you are planning to move on a holiday or a weekend.

It ensures that you are not roaming around trying to find someone last minute and probably end up paying them more. Advanced booking can save you money and stress. After all, the last thing you will ever want is a delay.

#2 Organise Your Move Well In Advance

When you are moving, the best thing you can do is start preparing for the move as early as possible. There is nothing worse than making last minute arrangements on a moving day. It would be wise to start organising early to make moving easier. It is highly recommended to start everything between 4-8 weeks before moving day.

For example, make a detailed task list of things that need to be done well in advance of the big moving day. This way you can ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Movers Melbourne

#3 Declutter Your Things

It is important to do periodically, but it’s even more significant while moving house. You certainly don’t want unwanted things to take up the precious space in your new home. Keeping this in mind, discard everything that you no longer want and decide what to sell, donate or throw out, before even attempting to pack.

It is recommended that you keep garbage bags in every room for your family to easily discard any unwanted things. Having fewer items to pack will help you save time and space.

#4 Start Packing As Early As You Can

Once you finalise the moving date and book the movers in Melbourne, start packing as soon as possible. Get a plan of action with a checklist of every room and of all the packing material you’ll need. Here you need to know that packing all your assets into the cardboard boxes and wrapping your crockery, antiques and other fragile items in bubble wrap are one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of moving.

To have an easier moving day, it’s essential to start packing without any delay. Get the packing materials and start packing the things that are not required for daily uses, such as ornaments, picture frames, books, etc. This can save you lots of time and annoyance.  You can also start with the least used room such as an attic, garage or spare bedroom. Keep the essentials and everyday items separately.

#5 Book Only A Professional Moving Company

Moving can be made significantly easier with the support of professional movers in Melbourne. They can disassemble furniture, pack your belongings and even move everything to your new place. Remember, booking the professionals can make all the difference.

Usually, professional movers bring their own packing materials. You’ll be surprised to see a plethora of different packing boxes they bring along with them. They’ll also bring the correct packing material such as bubble wrap, labels, packing tape, marker pens, etc.

Ensure that the boxes are properly labelled, so it leaves no room for confusion while unpacking. You can also use coloured labels/stickers to help categorise rooms.

#6 Pack A Bag Of Essentials

One of the most overlooked things while moving is a survival box, a bag of essentials and daily needs. Once you’ve moved into your new place, you’ll be surrounded by surplus boxes. The last thing you’ll want to do after the tiring day is to riffle around to find your toothbrush.

A survival bag is highly essential to keep you functioning easily over the next few days. In a separate bag, pack the things you use daily and keep it with you all the times. Your bag of essential should include things like medicine, toothbrush, phone charger, spare clothes, face cream and perhaps even some of your favourite snack.

#7 Create An Inventory List of All Your Possessions

By creating the list of the entire inventory prior to your moving days, allows you to know which of your belongings are in what boxes. What’s more, this also helps you to easily determine if any item is missing and you can also easily check all the items that are delivered to your new place.

If you hire the movers in Melbourne for the packing also, they can create an inventory for you. This is worth considering while hiring movers.

#8 Hire A Cleaner

Moving into a clean home and leaving your property clean is an absolute must. While having a clean new home may be like a dream, but with the help of domestic cleaner, this can be made possible. Thus, ensure to hire a professional domestic cleaner to clean your new home, so that you find it covered in grime when you finally shift there.

While getting your new home cleaned, don’t forget to hire a domestic cleaner for your old property too. It is a nice courtesy the people moving in and this allows for a final sweep to ensure that nothing is left behind.

#9 Take Snaps Of Electronics Before Packing Them

Once you move into your new property and start unpacking a couple of boxes, all you’ll need is to rest and relax in front of the TV. However, plugging everything and organising all the wires can be the last job you want to deal with after a long tiring day. Taking photographs of your electronics as they are before unplugging and packing them can make the entire process a lot easier.  This helps you to have a look at the picture to determine how and where cords are attached.

#10 Consider Storage Options

While moving into a new property, it can be tough knowing where to put a larger piece of furniture. Whether they’ll get fit in your new place or not? If you’ve got some things that won’t fit in your new place or things you don’t know what to do, it may be worth considering storage solutions.  It is the best way to make the process easier and it also means that you don’t need to figure out every single thing prior to moving day.

Final Takeaway

Preparation is the key. Organise and prepare your move in advance to avoid common delays and pack strategically with hacks of expert movers in Melbourne. No matter how organised you are, while moving into a new place you can’t get everything done in one day. Consider these pro moving tips to stay in your budget and finish the move on time.

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